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Pamela Mallory-Yeager


Upcoming Gig Schedule:

Caffe Vivace
975 East McMillan
Cincinnati OH
(513) 601-9897
7:30 to 10pm
Pamela Mallory and Wayne Yeager
April 23 Tuesday

The Hilton Netherland in the Palm Court Bar 6pm to 10pm
Pamela Mallory Trio
April 10 Wednesday
April 18 Thursday

Washington Platform Saloon and Restaurant
9pm to midnight
Pamela Mallory Quartet
April 12 Friday
April 24 Wednesday

Sorg Opera House in Middletown OH
Diva Concert!
With the RL Big Band
Pamela Mallory, Lynne Scott, and Nancy James
June 8 Saturday
More info to follow...