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Pamela Mallory-Yeager

"Sweet and sassy, soulful and swinging, Pamela takes a song and makes it hers with unique phrasing and seemingly effortless delivery!"  -Linda York, Jewel Recording Company

Pamela Yeager, who has gone by the last name of Mallory in the past, is a jazz vocalist performing out of Cincinnati, Ohio. She chooses to rub elbows with those who have a charmed taste in sound sensations. She may perform in a variety of locations including the beautifully Deco Hilton Palm Court, the uptown quaint Dilly Cafe, the famously famous Redmoor, and the beautiful Incline Lounge at the Celestial. Most often, she sings with her husband pianist and Hammond B3 organist Wayne Yeager.

If you are also interested in her collage work, visit the Collage link and enjoy her unique and ever evolving talents in assemblage.